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Great Article about Ways to Configure WordPress Dashboard

With now using version 2.7, every user has the chance to make some major changes to their own dashboard.

While I continue to test release candidates on a test site, and posting here on, I am finding that the ability to make deep customization to the dashboard is very helpful. Here is an excerpt from the official post by Heather:

Back in the day (a week ago), what you saw was what you got when it came to your dashboard. Now, you’ve got total freedom to move things around and get rid of the stuff you don’t use.

First, there’s dragging and dropping modules (boxes of content). Just grab the title bar of a module and drag it anywhere to customize your dashboard to your workflow and style.

I am very pleased with 2.7 and looking forward to more forward thinking, productive enhancements to my platform of choice. I did notice some people were not happy with such a drastic change; imho, way past due. I also do not think many people may know how much can be adjusted to customize to their own tastes. Please take a peak that the official post by Heather for more details.