Zombies Like Coffee

zombie-gallery_28_blogI didn’t get much sleep last night, was a bit excited about the new design changes I’m making today to my blog. Since my brain wouldn’t shut up, I was up until just after midnight drawing out the ideas that have been floating in my head all day. Now I feel like an extra zombie from a George A. Romero zombie flick…mm coffee…must have coffee!

I will be posting an article about the importance of effective design after making some big changes to the base theme I am using. I will customize the homepage, archive, 404, tag and single templates in the theme. and make some minor adjustments to the sidebar. I am starting with iNove, which can be found at NeoEase.com. It has the clean lines I like, and fits well with the branding I will do for the project.

Ok, time to have some coffee and eat some brains breakfast.


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