Updating My Networking Profiles

In my haste to begin customizing my new blog, I nearly forgot to update my profile on the networking sites I use. Glad I have a personal assistant. Ok, so I don’t have a personal assistant. But I do have a calendar with reminders, and it doesn’t cost anything either 😉

Once a week I sit down and go thru my tasks and objectives. I began doing this years ago when I was working very long days and covering more then one position at a time. Along with basic goal planning (short, mid and long term), the time invested in managing regular tasks and objectives is a very well worth it.

Since I am no longer working for others, I need to make sure that my profiles and networking efforts properly reflect this. It is crucial in reaching a targeted network to make sure that that the profile, your brand, is efficient. Highlighting your skills and expeirence while reaching out to similar and related people will help to get the correct exposure. It also helps to be involved in more then one networking group. That’s where time management and a few simple applications come in to play; more on that later.

Ok, so its off to networking land for a couple of hours to make sure that everyplace I am found, matches my branding requirements.


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