Great Article about Ways to Configure WordPress Dashboard

With now using version 2.7, every user has the chance to make some major changes to their own dashboard.

While I continue to test release candidates on a test site, and posting here on, I am finding that the ability to make deep customization to the dashboard is very helpful. Here is an excerpt from the official post by Heather:

Back in the day (a week ago), what you saw was what you got when it came to your dashboard. Now, you’ve got total freedom to move things around and get rid of the stuff you don’t use.

First, there’s dragging and dropping modules (boxes of content). Just grab the title bar of a module and drag it anywhere to customize your dashboard to your workflow and style.

I am very pleased with 2.7 and looking forward to more forward thinking, productive enhancements to my platform of choice. I did notice some people were not happy with such a drastic change; imho, way past due. I also do not think many people may know how much can be adjusted to customize to their own tastes. Please take a peak that the official post by Heather for more details.


Updating My Networking Profiles

In my haste to begin customizing my new blog, I nearly forgot to update my profile on the networking sites I use. Glad I have a personal assistant. Ok, so I don’t have a personal assistant. But I do have a calendar with reminders, and it doesn’t cost anything either 😉

Once a week I sit down and go thru my tasks and objectives. I began doing this years ago when I was working very long days and covering more then one position at a time. Along with basic goal planning (short, mid and long term), the time invested in managing regular tasks and objectives is a very well worth it.

Since I am no longer working for others, I need to make sure that my profiles and networking efforts properly reflect this. It is crucial in reaching a targeted network to make sure that that the profile, your brand, is efficient. Highlighting your skills and expeirence while reaching out to similar and related people will help to get the correct exposure. It also helps to be involved in more then one networking group. That’s where time management and a few simple applications come in to play; more on that later.

Ok, so its off to networking land for a couple of hours to make sure that everyplace I am found, matches my branding requirements.

Zombies Like Coffee

zombie-gallery_28_blogI didn’t get much sleep last night, was a bit excited about the new design changes I’m making today to my blog. Since my brain wouldn’t shut up, I was up until just after midnight drawing out the ideas that have been floating in my head all day. Now I feel like an extra zombie from a George A. Romero zombie flick…mm coffee…must have coffee!

I will be posting an article about the importance of effective design after making some big changes to the base theme I am using. I will customize the homepage, archive, 404, tag and single templates in the theme. and make some minor adjustments to the sidebar. I am starting with iNove, which can be found at It has the clean lines I like, and fits well with the branding I will do for the project.

Ok, time to have some coffee and eat some brains breakfast.

Corporate Zombie

For more then a decade, I have spent my days in service to major corporations. During those ‘interesting’ times, I also worked on developing, designing and marketing other peoples websites. It was a long period of my life that was filled with very long days. In fact, it was not uncommon for my yesterday to bleed into my today, or even tomorrow. And my physical health paid the heaviest price. Literally. I gained over 60 lbs during the last 11 years of sitting behind a monitor. I also started smoking after a 7+ year hiatus. And for a short period of time, I drank way too much, way too often.

But I did learn some very interesting things. I learned that kissing up is as important as doing a good job; sometimes even more so. That knowledge in your field and creative solutions is not nearly as valued as becoming friends with your boss; and being able to steal credit for the work of others. Most importantly, and recently, I learned that I could not spend my life working for other people. I simply could not do it anymore. For me, it was a slow death.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many people that do very well working for others. It’s just not for me. I am no longer a corporate zombie.

Testing Flock

(Update: November 18th, 11:32pm)

I stopped using Flock after less then a week and have been using FireFox as my primary web browser since.

I am using this little post to test Flock, a social web browser.
i want to see how well the blogging feature actually works.
I do have to admit that i very much like the way the app imported my setting (everything) from Firefox. It just makes the transition so much easier.
And, as I type this, i am also glad that it has a very useful spell checking feature 🙂

Blogged with the Flock Browser

Here I go

(Edited on November 18th, 11:33pm)

Article written hastily when I first registered it here on I sounded to dorky for my own taste, but didn’t want to delete it. Thus, the edit…

With things just starting off on my main blog, my new man blog,, I have decided i should have something over here on the esteemed as well.

I mean, hey, one can never have enough blogs right?! Ok, well, maybe there is such a thing as too much; especially when it comes to work. And let’s face it, no matter how passionate, or fun and exciting it may be…